Thank a Youth Worker Day is a joint effort of community partners, youth work organizations, youth and child care workers, and individuals who have signed on to declare an international day of celebrating youth workers.   The day will be marked by local celebrations of youth work and public relations efforts to encourage people to thank youth workers who make a difference in the lives of young people in their communities.

Who is a youth worker?

A youth worker is anyone, staff or volunteer, who works with or for the development of children and youth by working directly for or on behalf of kids. Youth workers include: child care providers, coaches, youth ministers, after-school program organize, recreational leaders, etc.

Why should we have a day to honor youth and child care workers?

Recognizing youth and child care workers and their efforts contributes to increased productivity, effective work, organizational loyalty, retention, recognition of youth-serving organizations, and, perhaps most importantly, to positive growth in the lives of children and youth and our communities. The National Collaboration for Youth and the Annie E. Casey Foundation both have studies that show youth workers’ sense of their work being valued or not valued contributes directly to job satisfaction and staff turnover.

How can I be a part of this exciting project?

You just have to sign up. By signing on you are agreeing to participate individually and/or to promote the day within your organization and through your organization’s network. Plan on a day of saying thanks to youth workers in your community, or, if you are a youth worker, take some time to celebrate your work.  Public relations support will be provided to all participating organizations via this website.  See the resources page for more information.

How can my organization be a partner?

By signing up!  It doesn’t cost anything.  All we ask is that you join in the effort of promoting the day and saying thank you to youth and child care workers.  For more information, check out our Become a Partner page.

Ready to celebrate the people who make such a difference in our communities?

To enroll your organization, contact us:  info@thankayouthworkerday.org