Ready to say thank you but not sure where to begin for Thank a Youth Worker Day.  Or perhaps you just want some new ideas for saying thanks.  With a little research, you’ll find there are lots of creative ways to thank youth workers, whether you are a youth-serving organization executive or an individual.  Check out the links below:


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We’ve formed some 3 groups of youths to create well wisher (greeting) cards for ‘Thank A Youth Worker Day’ event in my program, Kinder Emergency Shelter, a Harris County Treatment Center for youths in Houston Texas. The youths selected a leader for each group and staff will give support whenever needed. We plan to have the youth groups work on the project for the next 3 weeks. The greeting card will bear a title theme of Thank A Youth Worker and its content will include drawings that each group of youths come up with through collective ideas that they feel reflect the title theme of the project. I and the group of workers at Kinder Emergency Shelter plan to award prices to each of the youth groups  in order of best theme, cooperation and creativity for completion of the project by the youths. We hope that the project will positively provide cooperative, social interactive, and fun experience through peer mediated learning.

This year we wrote a letter of thanks to our 160 employees and included a $10 gas card as a small token of appreciation for all our employees do to help us build strong kids, strong families and strong communities every day.

Kirby J. Falkenberg
YMCA of Michiana, Inc.

In Evansville, Indiana, a variety of youth-serving agencies have come together to promote Thank a Youth Worker Day. The Mayor of Evansville is issuing a proclamation declaring Nov. 5 Thank a Youth Worker Day, and we are holding a news conference on Monday to encourage everyone to express their appreciation for youth workers.TAYWD tshirt2 300x200

My agency plans to give our staff, Board, and other volunteers an orange (echoing the tradition of giving an apple to a teacher), along with orange awareness ribbons and notes of appreciation.

Parri O. Black, CEO
Youth First, Inc.
Evansville, Indiana

We have approximately 325 employees, all of whom meet the definition of youth worker. We have ordered 400 bright orange EcoBags imprinted with our school’s name, logo and the Thank a Youth Worker Ribbon for distribution to everyone. Those are the “green bags” like you see in super markets to encourage people to not use disposable plastic or paper bags.

We also are having a thank you buffet from 6AM to 6PM, hosted by Agency administrators, where staff can drop in before, during or after their work day to enjoy food and fellowship with one another.

Dave Moorehead, Executive Director
Waterford Country School
Quaker Hill, CT

Without knowing about today being Youth Worker Day I sent a thank you card this morning to my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Jennings along with a coffee gift card. She deserves that and more.

This post spurred me, however, to do something I’ve been meaning to do for ages: Thank my 8th grade history teacher. Mr. Christy taught me life lessons that I use frequently even today, 25 years later. More importantly, he inspired me at a time when I really needed it. Fortunately, old classmates with whom I’ve reconnected on a social networking site pointed out that Mr. Christy was not long ago awarded a coveted “Best teacher” award by a local news weekly and I was able to track down his email address.

Thank you friends and technology for making it easier to give just praise to someone who helped make me that man I am today. Thank you, Mr. Christy, for being an inspiration and for obviously continuing your life’s work with excellence. Thank you Mrs. Jennings for nurturing my daughter’s growing love of education. And thank you to all of you out there who work with youth everywhere.